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LiquidLayer Developer Guide

Welcome to the LiquidLayer Developer Documentation. This guide is designed for developers and app builders looking to leverage the capabilities of the LiquidLayer Mainnet for smart contract development and deployment.

Building and Deploying Smart Contracts

Using LiquidLayer Contracts (LRC):

LiquidLayer uses LRC (LiquidLayer Contract) standards instead of ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments). This ensures compatibility with Ethereum standards while maintaining the unique features of LiquidLayer.

Development Tools:

  1. Eth Remix:

    • Eth Remix is a powerful, open-source tool that allows you to write Solidity contracts straight from the browser.

    • URL:

  2. Other Platforms:

    • Similar platforms to Remix, like Truffle or Hardhat, can also be used for development. Ensure they are configured for LiquidLayer Testnet settings.

Deploying a Smart Contract:

  1. Setting up Remix with LiquidLayer Testnet:

    • Open Remix and go to the "Deploy & Run Transactions" panel.

    • In the "Environment" dropdown, select "Injected Web3".

    • Connect your wallet (configured for LiquidLayer) to Remix.

  2. Contract Deployment:

    • Write your smart contract in the Remix editor.

    • Compile the contract using the "Solidity Compiler" tab.

    • Deploy your contract to the LiquidLayer Mainnet using the "Deploy" button.

  3. Verifying the Contract:

    • After deployment, verify your contract's functionality by interacting with it via Remix.

    • Use the LiquidLayer Block Explorer to view your transaction and contract details.


  • Testing on Testnet: Before deploying on the mainnet, thoroughly test your contracts on the LiquidLayer Testnet.

  • LRC Standards: Familiarize yourself with LRC standards to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

  • Updates and Migration: Stay informed about any network updates or changes that might require contract migration or adjustments.

By using this guide, developers can effectively utilize the LiquidLayer Mainnet for smart contract development. Remember, the LiquidLayer environment is designed to foster innovation and experimentation, so we encourage you to explore and create on our platform.

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