Bridge your ERC20 (ERC20 <> LRC20)

Bridge your USDC, USDT and more between Ethereum and the LiquidLayer Mainnet.

LiquidLayer ERC20 <> LRC20 Bridge Guide

The LiquidLayer ERC20 <> LRC20 Bridge facilitates the seamless transfer of supported assets, currently USDC and USDT, between the Ethereum blockchain and LiquidLayer Mainnet. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the bridge interface, accessible at LiquidLayer Bridge.


  • Supported digital wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Trust Wallet).

  • Sufficient balance of USDC or USDT on Ethereum for bridging.

  • Sufficient Ethereum (ETH) to cover gas fees and bridge fees.

  • Sufficient LiquidLayer (LILA) tokens to cover gas fees and bridge fees when transferring from LiquidLayer to Ethereum.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

  1. Connect your wallet by selecting the appropriate wallet provider and following the prompts to authorize access.

Step 2: Select the Asset and Direction

  1. Choose the asset you want to bridge (USDC or USDT).

  2. Select the direction of the transfer:

    • From Ethereum to LiquidLayer Mainnet

    • From LiquidLayer Mainnet to Ethereum

Step 3: Enter the Amount

  1. Enter the amount of the asset you wish to transfer. Ensure you have enough balance in your wallet for the transfer and the associated transaction fees.

Step 4: Authorize and Transfer

  1. Unlock the asset by authorizing the bridge to use your tokens. This step involves a transaction and will require gas fees in ETH.

  2. Click on Transfer to initiate the bridging process. This action will move your funds to the specified network.

Step 5: Transaction Confirmation

  • Wait for the transaction to be processed. Confirmation time depends on the network congestion of Ethereum and LiquidLayer Mainnet.

  • You will receive a confirmation once your funds have arrived on the target network.


  • LiquidLayer to Ethereum: 50 LILA

  • Ethereum to LiquidLayer: 0.01 ETH

In addition to the fixed fees, network Transaction fees are subject to change and depend on the current gas prices of Ethereum and LiquidLayer Mainnet.

Security Audit

The bridge has been audited by, ensuring compliance with security standards and practices.

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

By using the LiquidLayer Bridge services, you acknowledge the risks involved, including the potential total loss of assets. Bridge transaction fees apply as stated above. The LiquidLayer team is not liable for any losses incurred. Use the bridge at your own risk.

For further assistance or inquiries, consult the LiquidLayer support or community channels.

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