LILA Contract

Available on both Ethereum and LiquidLayer.


This document provides technical details regarding the LILA contract, which is available on both the LiquidLayer Mainnet and the Ethereum network. LILA operates as a native token on the LiquidLayer Network and as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.

LILA on Ethereum (ERC20)

Contract Details

  • Type: ERC20 Token

  • Contract Address: 0x96add417293a49e80f024734e96cfd8b355bcc14

Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

To view transactions, wallet addresses, and other analytics related to the LILA ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, visit the following link:

LILA on LiquidLayer (LRC20)


On the LiquidLayer Mainnet, LILA serves as the native token. It uses the LRC20 standard, which is specific to the LiquidLayer Network.

Adding LiquidLayer Network to Wallet

To view and manage LILA LRC20 balances, users must add the LiquidLayer Network to their cryptocurrency wallets. This process varies depending on the wallet used, and users should refer to their wallet's documentation for specific instructions.

Mainnet Details

LiquidLayer Blockchain Explorer

For tracking transactions and inspecting wallet balances of LILA LRC20 tokens on the LiquidLayer Mainnet, use the following explorer link:

For additional information, technical support, or further inquiries, users are advised to consult the official LiquidLayer documentation or contact the respective support teams through the official communication channels.

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