Bridge your LILA

Bridge your $LILA between Ethereum and the LiquidLayer Mainnet.

Bridging Your LILA Between Ethereum and LiquidLayer Mainnet

To transfer your LILA between the Ethereum network and the LiquidLayer Mainnet, follow one of these steps:

  1. Using Sphynx Labs Bridge:

    • Bridge your LILA to the Mainnet by accessing the Sphynx Labs Bridge at Sphynx Labs Bridge. Note that this process can take up to few hours depending on Ethereum gas fees.

  2. Transferring LILA ERC20 to LiquidLayer Network:

    • Send LILA ERC20 tokens from your Ethereum wallet to your account on

    • Withdraw your LILA to your wallet on the LiquidLayer network directly from

  3. Purchasing and Withdrawing LILA:

    • Buy LILA directly on

    • Withdraw your purchased LILA to your LiquidLayer network wallet using the withdrawal options provided on

These steps will allow you to efficiently manage and utilize your LILA across Ethereum and LiquidLayer networks.

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